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Maine coons cattery from Greece

My maine coon boy likes to lay next to me but doesn't want me to touch him while he sleeps. If I get up out of bed he hops into my spot and looks at me like "what".

All 4 of our maine coon cats are completely different - one of our girls, maine coon Berta, has two 'voices' - her loud demanding meooow when she wants something (play, cuddles, brushing, the tap turning on) and her pathetic 'meep' when she's complaining (being groomed, being told off). My kitten shouts at us all the time, doesn't like being held, loves snuggling under the covers with us, my clever boy understands everything I say and will follow complex requests. Maine Coon Flavia sleeps on me, but only when I've been away, and hasn't got the hang of jumping, our maine coon Diana sleeps curled up in arms, runs away when we have visitors and can leap huge distances.

We are still convinced that Maine coons are definitely the best cats in the world!

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