Our Maine Coon BoyMaine Coon cat СН Summerplace Joker Jack photos and pedigreeMaine Coon cat СН Summerplace Joker Jack photos and pedigree

Our Maine Coon Boy СН Summerplace Joker Jack

blue-tabby-classic, MCO a 22
Born: 8th december 2008
Sir: Summerplace Uncle Sam
Dam: Summerplace Charming Lady
FIV, FELV negativ, HCM n/n


Pedigree: 1 || 2

Download fun video with cat:
1. Summerplace Joker Jack cat splatter paws in the water, found the water and paws on it.

See video with cat: 1. Maine Coon cat play with water.

2. Our Maine Coon cat gets balls and different mice out of the box with holes.

See funny video with cat: cat play in the box.

Shows Maine Coon cat

06 November 2010 Ex1, CAC, 07 November 2010 - Ex1, CACIB, Nom.BIS. Certificate. He received the title of Champion.

Klaas van der Wijk, Netherlands, Picinali Francesco, Italy

20 March 2010 - Ex1, CAC and 21 March 2010 - Ex1, CAC. Certificate

Joker Jack has arrived to us from Germany. It is very promising cat. Breeder Anita Beyer.
We want to thank Anita of Cattery The Summerplace for this magnificent Sweetest Purr-Boy, with loving and affectionate temperament. Anita is worked a lot and very hard to get such wonderful cat. Many thanks Anita, for the attractive charming boy, for all her love and warmth which was given to Joker. Our Maine Coon СН Summerplace Joker Jack is a remarkable cat.
He can lay near me by hours, embracing me and purring me the fairy tales.
Boy Joker Jack is lovely MCO cat, with a long strong body and a glorious, fluffy long tail. He has a great ears with fine brushes, very good type and a fine coat. He is a sweet cat with big paws and tufts of fur are between the toes, he has good box! Joker Jack is an incredibly sweet, loving, gentle boy. He is very attractive maine coon cat, with a representative of new type, he is very harmonious and proportional. He has remarkable character, very sociable.

Joker Jack is the cornerstone of our breeding program with the delivery of excellent qualities to his kittens, among these great ears with fine brushes, fluffy long tail, temper and big paws with tufts of fur are between the toes. He comes out of a combination which will never be repeat! In his pedigree are many World Winners.

All our cats are family members, we could not imagine our future life without them. Our Maine Coons love to play in the water. CoonPlace Maine Coon cattery Russian Pskov city, photos, kittens CoonPlace maine coon cattery breeders list, photos, kittens maine coon photos, kittens maine coon breeders cattery Russian, photos, kittens maine coon kittens for sale СН Summerplace Joker Jack photos and pedigree

Photogallery СН Summerplace Joker Jack, blue-tabby-classic, MCO a 22.
Pedigree with PHOTO on web-page; scanned: 1 || 2

Summerplace Uncle Sam
black tabby classic

Shantys Hijacker *DK
red tabby classic

Shantys Blackout Bounty *DK
MCO n 22

Glowcoons Ballarina *S
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Latoya of Koi Pond
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Gr. Eur. Ch. Undercover of Koi Pond
black tabby classic

Fae of KoiPond
black torbie white

Summerplace Charming Lady

Summerplace Amarillo
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Spitzaeckers Robin

Summerplace Virginia
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Summerplace Oklahoma
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Top Coon Caruso
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ElDorados Nelly Yattu
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